Auto Start D-R HMI Viewer

Auto Start D-R HMI Viewer is a tool that auto starts a D-R HMI project when computer boots.

Zip Backup D-R HMI

Zip Backup D-R HMI is a tool for D-R HMI that zips up a D-R HMI project with the date and time in the zip file name. It optionally allows alarm and historical logs to be excluded from the zip to save space.

D-R HMI Version Selector

D-R HMI Version Selector allows the correct version of D-R HMI (v6.1 or 7.1) to be opened when a .app file is double clicked in Explorer.

To install, copy the program to a folder on your computer and run the program once. It will set up the necessary file associations for the .app extension. Run again if you install a new version or reinstall D-R HMI.

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