Rev 1.31.0 - 19 Nov 18

Fixed: Issue when moving cells if the range was selected from the end to the start instead of from the start to the end.

Added: Message to the slow Remove Custom Styles routine.

Added: Button to select coloured and uncoloured cells.

Added: Option to replace non-blank cells in Replace contents popup.

Removed optoinal arguments from lookup functions as they will just slow down the function.

Changed: Significant change to Find and Copy.

       Changed: Paste values now allows pasting into merged cells as long as the destination range is a multiple of the source range and the destination range is on a single row or column.

       Changed: Install works with Office365 (16).

Rev 1.30.0 - 15 Aug 18

Added: Option to specify the number of header lines in 'Hide Uninportant Col' tool.

Changed: In VLookupSelectMostSimilar, if no lookup area, then default to the search area.

Fixed: Error in Find and Copy that caused a crash.

Rev 1.29.0 - 27 Jun 18

Added: SELECT UDF (similar functionality to IFS in Excel 2016).        

Added: Combine Worksheets function to other controls form.

Added: case sensitive option to vertical lookups.

Changed: Fill series is now modeless and no longer closes automatically.

Fixed: FindMatches, where a both match would be changed if matched one way on the second pass.

Rev 1.28.1 - 28 Oct 17

Fixed: Issue where contiguous cells would not retain the order of selection in copy cells function.

Fixed: Issue where paste cells would not allow pasting outside the used range.

Changed: Updated clean text icon.

Added: Select Duplicates icon.

Changed: Re-organisation of Ribbon.

Rev 1.28.0 - 20 Oct 17

Added: VLookupAnyTwoColumns UDF. This allows two search strings and two search columns. A result is returned if both searches match on both columns. Example being if you had a column of months and a column of days, you could return a specific row based on both criteria.

Rev 1.27.0 - 13 Sep 17

Added: Added Interleave Ranges tool to interleave two ranges row by row, or multiple rows at a time.

Added: Added PasteToCells button to paste clipboard data to non-consecutive cells.

Changed: Paste from clipboard now ignores the final new line char that Excel adds to copied text.

Changed: Perform column width changes before anything else for hide unused columns tool.

Changed: Hide unimportant column no longer unhides hidden columns.

Rev 1.26.0 - 3 Apr 17

       Note: Essential Excel Add-In now appears in its own tab 'Essential' in Excel, not 'Add-Ins'!

       Added: Reset Range to Worksheet group.

       Added: Third sequence number in Fill Series.

       Added: Preview of Fill Series data.

       Added: Slant option to Hide Unimportant Columns function.

       Changed: Position and layout of many controls on the ribbon, based on function.

       Changed: Find Duplicates is now in Select group.

       Changed: Fill Series is now in Selection group.

       Changed: Remove Calc and Format is now in Selection group.

       Changed: Find and Replace is now in Selection group.

       Changed: Major rework of the help file.

Rev 1.25.0 - 3 Feb 17

Added tool: Create copy of the current Workbook.

Added tool: Highlight non-consecutive data.

Added tool: Hide unimportant columns.

Added tool: Report external links in a Workbook.

Rev 1.24.0 - 15 Nov 16

       Added icons to the move Workbook buttons. Makes them easier to identify when added to the QAT (Quick Access Toolbar).

       Added StringReverse UDF to reverse a string.

Rev 1.23.0 - 6 May 16

Added: TableToolsClass with example which makes it easy to read a table of data with named columns.

Added: 'Find Duplicates' function to Selection menu. This selects any duplicate items within the selected range.

Changed: All TextTools macros now work only on visible cells, so filtered cells are not processed.

Changed: All Select macros now work only on visible cells, so filtered cells are not processed.

Changed: All Selection macros now work only on visible cells, so filtered cells are not processed.

       Added: 'Select Visible Cells Only' function to the 'Select' menu.

Fixed: 'SplitStringandConcatenate', when executed on multiple cells would include the string from the previous cell.

       Changed: Updated help file path to read from the registry.

Rev 1.22.0 - 5 Feb 16

       Changed: Moved 'Copy Selected Cell Data' function from Other Controls to new Selection button.

Changed: Moved 'Calc Style' button from 'Text Changer' form to new Selection button.

Added 'SplitStringAndConcatenate' button to TextTools. This allows a string to be converted to a CONCATENATE() function with an optional splitting delimiter (i.e. "Split|this|string" can become '=CONCATENATE("Split", "|", "this", "|", "string")'.

Added 'NumberSeries' UDF. This is useful for incrementing a number in a string when that number is not at the end of the string (Excel does that itself). For strings containing multiple numbers, the function allows the selection of the number by index.

Rev 1.21.0 - 27 Jan 16

       Changed: Improved speed of similarity check.

Added: ReturnTextAfterString function.

Added: RegExMatchVLookup UDF name.

Added: StrFormat function.

Changed: Removed Workbook functions from the custom tools form. Now added to the Ribbon.

Added: 'NumberFromString' UDF.

Changed: Changed RegEx to return all values when global is used but no match number is specified.

Added 'Copy Selected Cell Data' button to Other Control form. This allows the user to copy the data from non-adjacent cells, which Excel does not allow.

Rev 1.20.0 - 15 Dec 14

       Added: User control of header row in Find and Copy routine.

       Added: Separate 'Blank' and 'Empty' (plus 'Non-Blank' and 'Non-Empty') cell selection. Blank being no visible value (or calc returning ""), Empty being no visible value and no calc.

       Added: RegExMatchVLookup UDF which works similar to the VLookupAnyColumn UDF. Instead of searching for a fixed value in the search area, a Regular Expression Match function is used instead.

Rev 1.19.0 - 27 Aug 14

       Fixed: Sheet AZ sorting on the ribbon was not correclty sorting between upper and lower case text, so AB could appear before Aa.

       Fixed: Fixed issue on sorted sheet selector dropdown. If sheet was hidded, an error was generated.

       Added: IsNull UDF.

       Added: Table feature (for future use).

Added: 'Clean text' to the Text Tools menu.

Added: Added Window docking buttons (top, left, right, bottom, etc.).

Added: Button to change relative/absolute references in a given range.

Added: Button to create a copy (in temp folder) of a Workbook.

       Changed: Add code to centre forms to fix issue on dual screen systems.

Changed: Series generator now inserts numbers as text when the leading value is '0', so 01, 02, 03 is not changed to 1, 2, 3 by Excel. Added tooltip indicating that entering '00 as the format will accomplish the same.

       Changed: Similarity now uses faster, more accurate method.

       Changed: Improved RegEx window features.

Changed: Clean text macro now trims spaces from beginning and end of string.

Rev 1.18.1 - 28 Jan 14

       Fixed: Issues with Find and Replace not finding all matches.

       Fixed: Find and Replace file is now correctly located in My Documents folder.

       Added: Option for Find and Replace to match whole words only.

Rev 1.18.0 - 11 Jan 14

       Added shifting of columns to Cells popup.

       Add Select Blank Cells and Select Non-Blank Cells.

       Minor corrections to Series generator.

       Selection area not limitied to used range unless a complete row or column is selected.

Rev 1.17.0 - 11 Nov 13

SaveAll now does not flick through workbooks.

Enable Get and Set buttons on RegEx Helper. You can now read the the string to be examined and read/write a RegEx exression from/to a cell.

RegEx helper now Modal so that RefEdit works.

Replaced Find and Replace listview with two text boxes. When used, the 1st line of Find is replaced with the 1st line of replacea and so on for the 2nd, 3rd lines. You can now paste data from Excel, or load the text file (tab separated).

Rev 1.16.1 - 7 Nov 13

       Added automatic update check.

Rev 1.16.0 - 5 Nov 13

       Added option in Text Case Changer to replace blank cells (only) with replacement text.

       Rewrote RegEx function.

       Added RegEx test popup.

       Integrated help into the Ribbon.

Added 'StringSub' UDF to perform string replacements.

Added 'Series' to Text Case Changer.

Added 'Append from Range' feature.

Redesign of Ribbon to include 'Text Tools' and 'Selection' buttons to make certain functions easier to access.

Made Text Case Changer button bigger on the Ribbon.

Added Cells button that brings up a popup allowing cells to be moved.

Added BlankIfZero UDF.

Added 'Delete Custom Styles' function.

Rev 1.15.0 - 4 Aug 13

       Added 'Replace cell contents' option in Text Case Changer. This is useful when used with Excel's FindAll dialog that allows all the matching cells to be selected.

       Added examples Workbook to the install folder to help with Regular Expressions.

       Fixed issue in Text Case Changer that caused all cells to be identified as changed.

       Added 'Edit' button to Text Case Changer which will also create the FindReplace file if it does not exist.        

Rev 1.14.1 - 11 Mar 13

       Fixed issue with Highlight Matches area check causing an error with Worksheet without spaces in the name.

Rev 1.14 - 7 Mar 13

       Fixed problem detecting Worksheet in Highlight Matches window.

       Fixed problem causing Highlight Matches to not allow multiple Workbooks.

Rev 1.13 - 2 Feb 13

       Added dropdown lists that act as sheet selectors. One in the order of the sheets and one alphabetical.

       Added support for Office 2013.

Rev 1.12 - 23 Sep 12

       Added: Levenshtein distance (string similarity).

       Added: SelectMostSimilar, Similarity and SelectMostSimilarVLookup UDFs.

Rev 1.11 - 10 Aug 12

       Modified the RegExp code to include matches and groupings.

       Linked UDF help to the default help file location (in program files).

       Changed Add-In to create a custom UDF category.

Rev 1.10 - 3 Nov 10

       Added: Created separate xlam for Office 2007/2010 with graphics.

       Changed: Removed Sync Scroll (moved to Spreadsheet Compare project).

Rev 1.9 - 13 Sep 10

Fixed: No error when trimming a string that is shorter than the trim value.

           Changed: Replaced comdlg32.ocx with comdlg32.dll

           Added: Sync Scrolling function that helps synchronised scrolling of Windows.

           Added: Support for Excel 2010.

Rev 1.8 - 16 Nov 09

           Fixed: Occasional problems with worksheet ranges.

           Added: Find and Copy feature.

Rev 1.7 - 26 Sep 08

            Fixed: Problem with Find Matches when checking between two Workbooks.

Rev 1.6 - 11 Sep 08

           Added: Added Find Matches macro.

Fixed: Problem with save and close functions in other controls section.

Rev 1.5 - 7 Sep 08

           Added: Print all Worksheets button.

           Added: 'VLookupAnyColumn' UDF

           Added: Additional options to 'Text Case Changer' macro.

           Added: RegexTest UDF.

           Added: RegexReplace UDF.

Rev 1.4 - 12 Mar 05

           Changed: Updated this help file.

           Added: New UDF 'Regex', allowing the use of Regular Expressions in Excel.

Rev 1.3 - 1 Mar 05

Rev 1.2 - 28 Feb 05

Rev 1.1 - 25 Feb 05

Rev 1.0 - 10 Feb 05

           Added: Combined a number of individual Add-Ins into this Add-In.

           Added: 'SameValue' and 'String Format' UDFs.


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