The VLookupSelectMostSimilar function finds the string in a column that is most similar to a given string, then return the row value from another column. The function can be used to find matching cells between ranges by setting the Lookup Column the same as the Search Column.

The syntax of the function is:

=VLookupSelectMostSimilar(StringSearch, SearchColumn, LookupColumn, CaseSensitive, MinimumPercentage)


=VLookupSelectMostSimilar(StringSearch, SearchColumn, LookupColumn, CaseSensitive)


=VLookupSelectMostSimilar(StringSearch, SearchColumn, LookupColumn)


=VLookupSelectMostSimilar(StringSearch, SearchColumn)

StringSearch can be a string ("string to be changed.") or cell reference (A1) representing the data to search for in the search column.

SearchColumn is the column in which to search for StringSearch.

LookupColumn is the column that contains the return value. Optional, default is the search area (return the match).

CaseSensitive is a boolean indicating that a case sensitive search is desired. Optional, default is false (case insensitive).

MinimumPercentage is the minimum percentage of similarity that is allowed for a match. Optional, default is 0.4 (40%).


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