Hide Unimportant Columns

Hides columns that have minimal difference in values (i.e. those that are all blank or all one single value).

Note that a blank cell is considered different if there are any non-blank cells in a column. It is not uncommon for the used range to be larger than the use data following row or column deletions, so if column is not hidden that should have, check the used range, or clear the used range using the tool of the same name.

For example, take the following table. There are a lot of columns containing the same data (Company, Phone numbers, State, Zip). Note that not all columns are shown, it is too wide.

By running the tool, those columns can be hidden, allowing a more prominent view of the columns with differences:

This sheet contains a header row and we want to hide the column if there are no differences in the column (other than the header). The result is:

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