Find and Replace

Performs a find and replace on the selected ares, replacing each line of text in the top box with the line of text in the bottom box. Each line is processed in order and can affect the same text. When trying to stadardise words, it is easier to convert all cases to the lowest common form first in order largest to smallest. For example, to standardise on the word 'November', the following should be used: November > Nov, Novemb > Nov, Nov. > Nov then finally Nov > November. This eliminates creating Novemberember.

Match Whole Words Only

Only perform a replacement if the match is a whole word, i.e. AT will match the 'AT' in  'I AM AT SCHOOL' but not the 'AT' of 'HAT' or 'ATTACH'. The same applies if the search string contains space. i.e. 'B C' with match 'A B C D' not match 'AB C D' or 'A B CD '.

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