Fill Series

Applies a simple integer (1, 2, 3) series (actually 2 series) to the range of cells using the cell value as a base for the result. The series are applied to the cell value by replacing the text {1} and {2}. For example, the cell value of each cell could be: "Employee #{1}:". The series would then replace {1} with the calculated series number. The value of the first cell is stored and automatically applied if subsequent cells are blank, so it is possible to only specify the value on the first cell, or specify the same, or different value in subsequent cells. For example, cells could be populated as follows: "{1}st Place:", "{1}nd Place:", "{1}rd Place" with a series 1, 2, 3.

The series can be confiured to start at a specified number, the amount to increment and how many rows need to be processed before incrmenting. A reset is available which will cause the series to reset to the start number. The format of the result can be configured to fill the series number to the required width (i.e. format "00000" would result in a value of "00001", "00002", etc.).

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