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Rev 0.47.0 - 10 Sep 13

       *** Known issue: Don't know how/when, but the calltips popup code is broken. It still appears when hovering over a function, but not while typing. ***

       Fixed issue where split string with quotes ends up missing the quotes. Thanks c.haslam.

       Added 'Save As' button. Saving the default 'untitled.au3', or running any tool that saves it now brings up the save as dialog.

       The user can now elect to debug AutoIt3 System Include files, User-supplied Include files, both or none at all. Thanks J D Feemster.

       File close command also clears the current file entry in the RibbonOrbRecentItem collection provided that file was a #Include file. Thanks J D Feemster.

       Better handling of UTF8 files.

       Added some debug for errors when reading files.

       Debugger now accepts multiple command line arguments with the first being the script file and the rest being the command line arguments for the script. Thanks J D Feemster.

       Changed the default MRU list limit to 10 to avoid the cutoff of the File popup. Thanks BodoWitcha.

       Fixed File>New opening a different untitled file from that loaded when debugger run with no command line arguments.

       Ribbon now resizes better on smaller screens. The important tool do not shrink to compact size (icon only).

       Swapped Compile and Build icons and improved tooltip text.

       Changed Run and Run w/ Output icons.

       Ribbon is now full screen (same as Word/Excel).

       Added 'Debug to console, debug to msgbox and remove all debug lines' features to the Debugging submenu of the document context menu. Refer to help file for more details.

       Updated About popup. Thanks BodoWitcha.

       Other bug fixes.  Thanks BodoWitcha.

       Tweaked ScintillaNet to allow code drag and drop. This means that files cannot be dropped on the code window (but can be dropped on any other window).

       Enabled drag and drop of files onto the Ribbon to open them.

       Removed unused icons from Toolchest toolbar.

       Added icon to document window.

       Changed code folding column colour.

       Code context check column (one with yellow blob) is not a line selector to make it easier to select lines.

       Code folding column made 12 pixels instead of 16.

Rev 0.46.0 - 18 Aug 13

       Updated all controls.

       Updated MRU list to eliminate crash when a file in the MRU has invalid chars.

Rev 0.45.1 - 12 Nov 11

       Added: Program Trace window extended with automatic expand/collapse in Trace Back

       Changed: Updated error handler

       Changed: Online help completely revised.

               Link: http://www.thefoolonthehill.net/Help/AutoItDebugger/AutoItDebuggerHelp.html

       Fixed: Keyboard shortcut assignments corrected. Keys affected are Esc, Ctrl+F8, Ctrl+F7, F7

               See online help Keyboard Shortcuts for complete overview.

               Link: http://www.thefoolonthehill.net/Help/AutoItDebugger/AutoItDebuggerHelp.html?KeyboardShortcuts.html

       Fixed: ConsoleWrite - Additional blank line removed.

       Fixed: Relative addressing of include file not recognized - Thanks Christopher

       Fixed: New Test Script.au3 program for validating the installation

       Fixed: Au3Info and MacroGenerator tools no longer cause the debugger to wait until they finish.

       Changed: Tied in most windows to the help file.

       Fixed: Problem debugging with full path #includes.

       Fixed: Swapping of '/' to '\' in #includes.

       Added: Full path display in Includes window.

       Added: Right click > Open, opens Include file in Includes window.

Rev 0.45.0 - 23 Oct 11

Thanks go to BodoWitcha for this release.

       Changed: Major changes to the trace feature of the program.

       Added: Trace can be scrolled through to show how the program executed.

       Fixed: Crash when script file saved in Program Files folder

       Fixed: #include with capital chars not recognized. Thanks Saitoh183.

Rev 0.44.7 - 25 Sep 11

       Changed: Added extra debug info for exceptions.

Rev 0.44.6 - 23 Sep 11

       Fixed: ErrorHandler now accepts and requires a reply email address. Thanks Gary Kuznitz.

       Fixed: Crash when AutoIt registry entries not found.


Rev 0.44.5 - 18 Sep 11

Thanks go to BodoWitcha for this release.

       Fixed: Tool Chest Entries dont load correctly. Thanks KloMeister

       Changed: Faster Debug Script creation. Thanks BodoWitcha.

       Fixed: Detection of variables not always correct. Thanks BodoWitcha.

       Fixed: Disable Debug Include Library not recognized. Thanks BodoWitcha.

       Fixed: Continuation not always recognized correct. Thanks BodoWitcha.

       Fixed: Creation of debug script files not always synchronized with source script. Thanks BodoWitcha.

       Fixed: Stops on Unterminated string. Thanks BodoWitcha.

       Fixed: Certain variables not sent to debugger. Thanks BodoWitcha.

       Fixed: Include files not always show. Thanks BodoWitcha.


Rev 0.44.4 - 10 Sep 11

This was not a published release.

       Fixed: Issue with ConsoleWrite. Thanks BodoWitcha.

       Fixed: Default Beta\Beta install folder. Thanks BodoWitcha.

       Changed: Added indicator to show create debug progress.

Rev 0.44.3 - 29 Aug 11

       Fixed: Problem not detecting install folder on first run of first install. Thanks BodoWitcha.

       Changed: Recompiled as x86.

       Fixed: Issue with ConsoleWrite. Thanks BodoWitcha.

       Fixed: Limited strings to 256 chars and converted new line to \n in variable wacth. Thanks BodoWitcha.

Rev 0.44.2 - 27 Aug 11

       Fixed: Re-ordered ConsoleWrite so that it writes to the Debugger before a breakpoint if a breakpoint is set on that line.

       Fixed: Sending a variable to the debugger was clearing the @error and @extended macros.

       Changed: Better detection and debugging of system include locations.

       Changed: System include files now debugged in %TEMP% folder, not AutoIt include folders. Thanks BodoWitcha.

       Changed: Removed calls to all includes in the debug include.

Rev 0.44.1 - 18 Aug 11

       Fixed: Issue determining Include paths when Registry is not used. Thanks gcriaco.

       Added: Highlighting of identical text (variables, functions, etc.).

Rev 0.44.0 - 16 Aug 11

       Added: Support for unlimited command line arguments.

       Changed: Document settings now stored in binary .dat file that will support future changes better.

       Changed: Removed Command Line Arguments from Options form and created a separate dockable form.

       Fixed: Dock panel .config files are always recreated if they do not exist in the users profile. Thanks BodoWitcha.

       Added: Forward and Back mouse buttons now navigate forward and back through the code editor window.

       Changed: Rewrote code related to determining AutoIt location. Thanks BodoWitcha.

       Fixed: Problem related to local variable fix introducing error with @error variable in debug mode. Thanks BodoWitcha.

       Added: 'Use default AutoIt folders' and 'Portable AutoIt folders' options on Options tab.

       Changed: Reorganised the CreateDebug module. This should speed up debug generation. Thanks BodoWitcha.

       Fixed: 'Run to cursor' option remembers previous settings and stops next time the same script is debugged. Thanks Alandor.

       Added: Processing of Include files from the registry. Thanks willichan.

Rev 0.43.0 - 3 May 11

       Fixed: Add Update ini file back into the setup package. Thanks BodoWitcha.

Rev 0.42.0 - 2 May 11

       Changed: Added shortcut key to 'Run to Cursor' button. Thanks BodoWitcha.

       Changed: Corrected 'Stop' button tooltip. Thanks BodoWitcha.

       Added: Breakpoints dropdown button with toggle and delete all breakpoints buttons. Thanks BodoWitcha.

       Changed: Tool Chest help button tooltip. Thanks BodoWitcha.

       Added: Search bar with search text box, next, previous, highlight and clear highlight buttons.

       Changed: Change program settings .ini file to a binary .dat file that will hold future changes better.

Rev 0.41.0 - 25 Apr 11

       Fixed: Local variables now work in Watch window and Trace. Thanks db501.

       Fixed: Local variables no long show <Undeclared>.

       Fixed: Toolchest not populated after switch to debug mode. Thanks BodoWitcha.

       Fixed: Error when requesting Toolchest help when no node selected. Thanks BodoWitcha.

       Added: Change highlighting.

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