CSV Compare for BC4

A CSV (Comma Separated Variable file) compare Add-In for Beyond Compare 4.

CSV files can be created with many different formats that do not compare well with a simple line-by-line comparison, or do not compare well when using the Table Compare option. Examples include RSLogix CSVs that duplicate the tagname in the first column and Wonderware CSVs which contain multiple tables within one CSV file.

This tool solves this issue by detecting the file format of the CSV and if the file matches one of the pre-defined formats, the files will be converted to a format that can be compared in Beyond Compare. If the format cannot be handled, it it passed to Beyond Compare with no changes.

The program can be run in a couple of ways:

  1. As a Beyond Compare Add-In. When two CSV files are compared, the program is automatically called. If the program handles the files, the program's comparisson is displayed in Beyond Compare.
  2. If the program directly with no command line arguments, a popup appears allowing the user to select the files for comparison. If one command line argument is specifies, the program prompts for the other file to compare against.